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For legal entities

In cash: when making a purchase in a warehouse or in our central office, as well as upon delivery by courier service (payment to the courier).

Non-cash transfer of the invoice.

For individuals

In cash: when making a purchase in a warehouse or in our central office, as well as upon delivery by courier service (payment to the courier).

Bank card: you will be able to pay for the goods in this way both in our office / warehouse and during courier delivery (the courier will arrive with a mobile terminal) or directly on our website during the order process.

The function of payment by bank card on the site will be available after our manager will process your order and issue an invoice. Next, you need to go to the page « Payment » to enter there the necessary amount and order number. After that, you will be redirected to the authentication server via an encrypted connection, where you will enter your credit card information and authorize it, then click on the link & laquo; Return to the store & raquo ;. If all the data is correct and there is enough money on the card, then on return you will see a notice of a successful transaction and a perfect purchase. In case of refusal, we recommend to double-check card details and the balance of its account, and then repeat the procedure.

Cashless transfer: this payment method is available both in your online banking account and on the invoice at the bank's cash desk.

To successfully receive the goods, you must submit a power of attorney (original) and a passport (original) of the person indicated in it.

Purchase goods with individual characteristics (specially cut linoleum, etc.) is possible only with full prepayment.

Our store accepts any payment cards of MasterCard and VISA systems.

To pay for the goods, you will be directed to the Sberbank secure gateway, where you can enter your bank card details, we recommend preparing it in advance. Communication and information sharing is protected by SSL encryption. In some cases, you will have to confirm the transaction with a special password – if your bank supports the secure payment technology MasterCard Secure Code or Verified By Visa. Ways of obtaining this password can be clarified in the support service of your bank (as a rule, it comes in an SMS message or in messages in the personal office of the Internet bank). Our online store supports 128-bit encryption, security and confidentiality of information is guaranteed by PJSC "Sberbank of Russia", and also complies with international standards VISA and MasterCard.

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